Hi, I am Alexis Stuart.

(... but you can call me Lex.)

Communications Director by trade, "Poetic Photographer" by choice.

If you find yourself scrolling through my little corner of the web, wondering who the heck this chick is, I'm an adventure-loving, God-fearing, thrift-obsessed poet who just so happens to experience life with a camera in her hands.

From a young age, I found myself documenting the world around me -- whether through photography or writing, I've always been drawn to storytelling. Although I dabbled in one Freshman-level Photography class in college, I developed most of my skill from a combination of the World Wide Web (*cough* YouTube) and practicing on the people around me who believed in me enough to be my test subjects ... err, I mean, models.

I landed my full-time dream job right out of college in 2017, and have been living my best life working at Faith Assembly ever since, where I met and fell in love with my husband, Brian (yep, that header image is me and my boo on our wedding day #ClickBait). Sooo, when I'm not content-creating and working on marketing campaigns for my 9-5 (who are we kidding, ministry is never really 9-5!), you'll find me right here hustling on the side... and there's no other way I'd rather have it.



“These photos look straight out of a
magazine!! Thank you so much for
doing this for us. These will definitely
be shared with family and friends
for years to come!”